6th May 2000, - the earliness of the break of dawn was the end of war for Alan Green. The cool morning air waved into Alan’s face and he shivered. Pain and fatigue after a wicked day and a so much the worse night left their mark. His clothes were torn to shreds and were blood - darkened by his own and the blood of all his enemies.

„They obviously failed the vetting…“, he thought. Suddenly, the helicopter noises of the rotors came to calm and Alan forgot anything had happened and anything around him. Until the landing on a military base in Utah, which was arranged as a commando base during the troubles, he fell to sleep; exhausted, and the paramedics were quiet as well, when they were tending Alan’s wounds.

As the destruction of Black Mesa poured oil on troubled water, the world went on its course again. With the early publication of Alan’s book, describing his experiences of May 5, 2000 he attracted the attention of new mysterious employers.

These employers, hiding in the background all the time, were already leading the governmental ‚Black Operators’ organisation in Black Mesa. Greens pretended hijacking was organised for his and his wife’s protection against new enemies and they were sent to one of the still secured cities. People made arrangements for a changing life and in his own interest, Alan Green decided to accept the new job, which was offered to him. Anyway he even would not have a choice.


Elsewhere, Elisabeth Green was killed by alien creatures, when she was outside the safe city limit. Throughout she was foraging for answers, because she didn’t know about her husband’s new assignment.



Four years later, mankind lived simple within the cities and horrible chaos ruled afar. 

The tragedy of New Mexico never went over the people. The disposition was frightening and demanding and everybody knew that the state of the world beyond the barbed wire was just the beginning. But life went on and Xen’s residents left their ruined world to gain asylum on earth. The continuous portal storms proceeded and the whole flora and fauna of Xen were teleported to us. Nobody really knew about it, but perhaps someone suspected, that portals were adjusted in a strategy: they were getting bigger and more stable and all the more there were appearances of mighty battleships from the other side. Some people prepared for an important historic changing and at the same time, other ones tried to avoid the worse.

Alan was living inside a city in the state of Arizona, which dissembled the change of world. Within the metropolis, people still were safe at all times and each one went to their all day activities, as well as Alan Green. From here, he operated for his unknown employees and in the meantime he and his colleagues knew far more about the situation than the rest of the declining population. In a little while, Alan realized the awful vision, he already had seen in the year of 2000, after he gained his own experience with teleportation in Black Mesa.

All of a sudden, he realized the city in a sea of flames in which he was living in these days. It wasn’t illusion, but it was the cruel upcoming he already had seen. This teleportation granted him an insight to another time and his presumptions acknowledged, after Alan and his colleagues made a risky, but serious theory…

For the early hours of the 5th May 2000, when the catastrophe of a fatal experiment in the Black Mesa research facility was going ahead, the end of world was predicted, because this date was qualified for the beginning of an enormous cosmic storm.

In New Mexico, exactly at 03:08am, the predicted incidence was reflected by an almost just right rectilinear line-up of seven planets of our solar system (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, as for Sun and Moon). Many astrologers saw this quite unusual constellation as a sign for bad predictions of tsunamis, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions on earth because of the bunched tidal forces from the seven planets, which would endanger the equilibration of the earth.

No end of world by natural disasters was caused by this planet constellation, but it was the advance guard of an alien force to launch the destruction and enslavement on earth and it created most favourable terms for the first attack of the Combine regime: world’s collision of Earth and Xen.
The external environmental interferences raised up the strength of the resonance cascade within Black Mesa and the maintenance of portal operations between the two worlds. The administrator of Black Mesa, Wallace Breen, had much time on his hand to initiate the resonance cascade. However, the most favourable point in time was the early morning of the 5th May at 03:08am and the research facility timed their experiment with only five hours of delay almost exactly.


After the first Combine iteration by a cosmic event, another happening was chosen for Combine usage as well. The risky and not accepted theory of Alan Green and his equals confirmed in that the Venus transit through the sun will be regarded as an universal timeframe on the whole earth…

On the 7th June 2004, at 11:19pm (Arizona time), the horror and rumbling of the portal storms ran dry. Overall on the world, the chosen timeframe from the Combine was planned during the Venus transit through sun until 06:23am, after what the war on earth would be decided on all continents.

As a matter of fact, after 7 hours of war, destruction and world army resistance, almost everything was in rubble and ashes. Mankind surrendered without fail…


7th June 2004, at 11:10pm


Jack left the room, without saying anything. As for him, Alan and Bryan knew about what would come next. „If our theory will be proved correct, we will be dead shortly “, Bryan said sarcastically. Alan walked to and fro, looked at Bryan tacitly from the corner of his eye and was dispersing his bottom lip. Then he folded his arms behind his back, leaned against the wall and gazed to the ceiling, disappointed.

 „What else we were able to do, but warn the population? “. With hands in the pocket, Bryan was standing at the window and staring down to the green, lighted city. „There was no hope at all, this is our destiny. Even if someone would have believed our theories, there would not be an escape. “ By and by he was getting nervous and he walked over to the big table in the middle of the room. On the lordly, crimson table, there was a laptop and Bryan pressed a key to get information.  „Look at this! “ He turned the Laptop towards Alan’s face and he knew what the countdown means when it’s finished.  „7 minutes left. “ Alan was getting more anxiously as well. „Any incoming messages? “Bryan accessed the mail system. „Nothing. I think they won’t make it. “ Alan and Bryan were the last members of their organisation who delayed in the building. However, their employers kept hope alive by saying they would get them out, until the countdown would come to an end. An escape on foot, before the great attack, wouldn’t be possible at all. All the other employees around Bryan and Alan knew a lot about the minatory destiny, but there was no chance, to convince the people about that, - why anyway? The big cities were the only places to be safe in. Military contingent on city limits was enormous and at night they made curfew, but the population got anything to live and they did. So where to go? Furthermore the risky theory of an invasion was based on secret facts of the year 2000 and on partial acceptance of visions by Alan Green appeared in 2000. „Only 4 minutes left... I‘m sorry, Alan, but I cannot stay. I’ve got to get out of here. Alan tried to keep him back. „Bryan, where do you want to go? Stay with me, they will come to rescue us, I’m sure of it. “ But Bryan knew that nobody would come. „Listen to me, there is an old air-raid shelter in the basement. We can still get there, if we do hurry! I don’t want to be killed.Bryan ran out by snatches. The heavy door fell to a close and Alan was alone. Silence. Suddenly the calm was interrupted by an electronic voice. „Incoming Message“. Alan ran hopefully towards the laptop and started the mail system. Disappointment, but filled with hope formed his face, when he read the lines: Hey folks, get out of the city! All resources for a new aim - there is hope in the north.“

 Countdown passed two minutes and Alan was sure: he would be alone for now…



written by Organic700 (Kim M. Gräfe)

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