The Mesa Times
Friday, May 5th 2000

Safety called into question after series of disasters!

After another fatal incident in the Black Mesa Research Facility, a fact-finding commission has been ordered to check the safety in the facility.

New Mexico. On Monday a serious accident occurred in the visitors centre of Black Mesa, in which one person was killed. For no apparent reason, a staircase carrying a number of people collapsed from a height of 4 meters. Most of the people on the stairs were uninjured, but unfortunately one man, Walter P., died at the scene.
After the recent tragedy, only two weeks ago, in which three workers perished, a negative light has been cast over the research facility.
In that incident a fire broke out in a warehouse, - in which according to reports toxic waste was stored, causing it to explode killing the workers.
Now the government has appointed a fact-finding commission, to carry out a safety inspection today and report back
within the next three days. Throughout this
inspection all areas within security lines 2 and 3 will be checked and in case of emergency will be temporarily closed.
“For us, it’s not acceptable, if people are put at risk! If, we have to close down a line to correct safety defects, then we will” the administrator of Black Mesa stated.
The last few weeks have also seen pressure mounting on the Government financed Black Mesa Company, due to rising administrative costs, and also from the fact that scientists have allowed costs of their new “top secret project” to escalate to incredible levels. It costs one million dollars just to leave the light on in the facility.
The closure of some laboratories and projects is the worst threat facing the Black Mesa Research Facility, which would result in hundreds of people losing their jobs. (kmG)
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