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[...] I would like to relate to you a story of the most incredible and exciting adventure of my life, one that started in May 2000, and continues to this day. Until now, you the public have only been aware of a few small parts of this extraordinary story, but you know the current situation. Both the government and the military covered up much larger and more dangerous incidents, in an attempt to hide the recklessness of the scientists of Black Mesa and their Government masters.
Those responsible for the deaths and disappearance of so many people have never been made public, but it is alleged that scientist and saboteur, Gordon Freeman, managed to wreck one of the Black Mesa Research Facility’s most secret project’s. Thus setting in motion an incredible chain of events that have, and continue to affect the whole continent.
I believe that my life has been in constant danger, trying to uncover the truth. Remember Mr. Calhoun who escaped the horror’s of the Black Mesa disaster as a hero? Has the blame been placed on innocent people to hide the truth and the real culprits? I tell you it is a conspiracy by the Government; they knew all the dangers of these extremely risky experiments. It is time the public was made aware of this huge cover up and regardless of the risk to myself, I intend to reveal all, I was there, and I survived and can now tell the truth.

For me, it all started on 1st May 2000 when I received the call to go to the Black Mesa Research Facility as a state-controlled safety evaluator within a fact-finding commission, to carry out a safety report after a number of incidents in the facilities. (Please read the attached newspaper article from the 'Mesa - Times' of the 05th May 2000.) So that week the two other safety evaluators and myself set off on the long drive to New Mexico. The complex is so huge that we had to split up to cover the different sectors, and so that friday morning I entered Sector A and announced my arrival to the personnel there. As I started my inspection the feeling that there was something seriously wrong started to grow and grow. Some of the technical machines were inoperable; there were system crashes and some serious security malfunctions. Because of this I decided to take a break and get some breakfast from the Cafeteria, but I never got there! Heavy seismic shocks suddenly convulsed the whole floor, and I could hear screams coming from every part of the facility, the ceiling started to break apart and then something hit me very hard and I blacked out…
How long I was unconscious I do not know, but slowly I started to come to. I thought something brushed my shoulder, perhaps help had arrived! Then my vision started to come back and I turned over on my side and saw such destruction! I turned again and what I witnessed made my blood run cold! Coming towards me was a figure clothes in tatters and covered in blood, but his head had been transformed by some kind of mutation into some kind of real monster!
Where was I? What in hell had happened here? I kept asking myself. Perhaps this really was hell, maybe I was dead.[...]

[...] My attempts to reach the surface were proving more and more dangerous and I started unintentional to drift further and much deeper underground. I discovered much later that there were three different groups operating for very different objectives. Firstly there were the military working for the Government who were obviously looking for those responsible for the disaster with the objective to clean up the disaster and get rid of any evidence. In this nobody was safe as they were killing innocents and scientist as well as aliens in their determination to get things back to normal as soon as possible. Then there were the survivors from the initial explosions, the scientists, security personnel, and innocent visitors such as myself. We were all in a desperate fight for survival not only against the perils of the explosion but also against this army group. Finally but not least there was another group, also soldiers, but a private army who were systematically fighting against the government and its military, I did not know what their aims were, but obviously were more involved with the original disaster than I at first thought.
Perhaps these black operators, dealing with this catastrophe by themselves, working for those who had gambled with the lives of so many in order to overturn the government by replacing them with a living alien species. Who ever they worked for had to be very influential people with enormous funds and power to call upon. Somebody was responsible; nobody believes this was an accident anymore. [...]

[...]During these terrifying times I could not find a way out or any answers to my many questions about Black Mesa. That was until I had my first experience with teleportation. It was a short experience, but gave me a clear insight into the future of, which was born in the Black Mesa Research Facility in New Mexico. Past and future, illusion or reality – who knows?

All I know is nothing will ever be the same again...

Kim M. Gräfe

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