Half-Life: Visitors



Vis07: A disastrous catastrophe! You need a weapon to get out of this mess. Do you remember the scientist, who obviously tried to open a malfunctioned security door with a crowbar? You exactly need this crowbar. Try to find a way through an air duct inside the men’s restroom.

Vis08: The tunnels of the transit system are assailed and burning. There is definitely no escape. Take your way through the storage area near the elevators.

Vis10: All three continuative air ducts seem to be inaccessible. By dint of a scientist, who is hiding behind a wooden crate, you’ll get access to another item to reach one of the three air ducts in the walls.

Vis11: A high explosive crate, a freight elevator and an open fire, powerful enough to break the high explosive crate. After you blast the wall you have to shut down the power engine by every trick. Now you can use the air duct on the lower level.

Vis12: The metallic bridges lead you to different storage depots. You have to open all gates in the control room in order to get to the freight elevator, which will take you much deeper in the earth. Some gates and doors are locked or malfunctioned and you need a scientist for help and some other tricks to get through it. Complete the sparking power wires of the broken button in room 1 by a metallic conducting thing: perhaps a barrel or something.

Vis17: Teleportation is not that simple to explain. Teleportation is incalculable and influence your imagination, so you will not know where you are and if you are dreaming or waking.

Vis19: The incalculable system of teleportation took you far away from the Black Mesa Central miles away from everywhere. There is a scientist, too, but he is dead. Although he will be your only chance to get out of this, because he has got a security card to open the steel doors. Further, be very quiet and with caution. Your enemy seems to be everywhere and they could call reinforcements, if they will see you.

Vis20: On the roof, there is a power generator. You have to activate all buttons in order to activate systems like lighting and security doors. But all doors are locked and there is only one way to get out of the building and on the roof. There is a small air duct in the elevator shaft. Further, you have to use a scientist for help to get through the lower levels. Above all he will open a storage room for you on the areaway, which is a weapon supply depot!
On the lower level, there are some metallic crates, which block the continuative way, but if you shoot the arms of the mount above, the heavy iron bar will fall down right on the crates and uncover your way.

Vis21: Mankind strikes back! There is a nuclear bomb built in a giant launch vehicle just created for Xen. But there is nobody who could activate the rocket. This is your job. Activate the power for the rail on which the rocket will move. Then start the controls of the track train manual and start the whole rocket in the upper control room. You will feel the explosion on earth, too, because there are many portals still activated and connected with Xen causing seismic interferences. Some walls will break, especially in the storage room, where you activated the rail power before.

Vis23: Fight your way downstairs and open the porthole to go round the military’s barrier. But the complex is also watched by the Black Operators on the other side. They block the straight way to the topside, but you could go in the canal and plug the drain to the lower canal with a crate or something…

Vis24: The soldiers keep coming! You have to destroy the flying machine with the rocket granade launcher laying nearby the wounded soldiers. Then, you can escape with them.

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